Evenings Out

We moved to East Dallas (Texas) a month ago and since then my hubby and I have been spending time settling in and getting as comfortable as possible. While living off of Greenville in the M streets, we used to cover the restaurant circuit over the weekends especially in the evenings.

Dallas is an interesting city and we decided to maintain the same tradition. So we opted to start with a neighborhood restaurant with rave reviews. Having made reservations we arrived and found our table reserved. We were ready to dine.

It was a great experience in terms of the cuisine and pricing as well as delicious meals with excellent service. Their selection of drinks was equally good which my hubby thoroughly enjoyed.

Moving nearer to white rock lake has been the best decision we’ve made because I am happier than ever and so is my hubby. At least we can continue with our family tradition here and I look forward to more evenings out.

Training at work this week. QuickBooks Software?

This week I took a training course for QuickBooks. Right, the software for accounting.

A friend discovered a set of QuickBooks training tutorials and knew I wanted to learn how to use it. I already bought those training courses for Microsoft Excel but that was before I found this QuickBooks training and seminar provider.

Life is good.

Having completed college with a Masters Degree, I soon found a rewarding job and settled down in marriage. A year later, I was six months pregnant and full of the zest for life. On e evening on the way to pick up my husband from work, I suffered a high speed blowout, veered off the road and hit a billboard post.

I woke up in hospital the next morning and was informed that the impact during the accident had caused me to miscarry. I grieved and depression set in al most immediately.

A year later I am almost fully recovered and with a supportive husband I couldn?t ask for more. My best friend guided me into a more spiritual life that has been fulfilling and cured my depression. Despite all the counseling to cope with my unborn child what has gotten me back from the sorrowful depths of a mother mourning her unborn child is my faith. If I found a woman experiencing what I went through, there is no better way to be healed than through faith because the answer lies in your spirituality.

So, for me and my hubby, I start the test in a few months.

I’m so excited to be a mom!